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Every year thousands of people visit Mount Olympus to admire its fauna and flora, to tour it’s slopes and to reach its peaks. A variety of mountaineering and climbing routes are at the disposal of visitors who want to explore it’s beauties.


Scuba Diving

Experience an unforgettable dive and explore the wonderful seabed of Pieria. We offer a complete diving service with activities for children and adults, for beginners and advanced with leisure and technical diving lessons.

Road Trip

Thessaloniki - Greece

It is a very popular tourist destination in Greece as it has a long history and its center consists of many beautiful landscapes suitable for photos and making memories

You can travel from Katerini to Thessaloniki by train, bus or car.


Castle of Platamonas

Platamonas Castle built by the Crusaders, is located in northern Greece and is one of the best preserved castles in Greece. It is located southeast of Olympus in a strategic position on a hill overlooking the sea. A place that controlled the shortest route between Macedonia and Thessaly since antiquity.



Vergina better known as the location of the ancient goats, capital of the kingdom of ancient Mecedonia. Was discovered in the 19th century. Vergina is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites as “an exceptional testimony of an important development in European culture, the transition from the classical city-state to imperial structure of the Hellenic and Roman periods.

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