You will come here with a unique mission: to sit on the “throne of Zeus”, having all of Greece at your feet. In Mecadonia, the most majestic mountain, Olympus invites you to discover its magic. On the paths and its hidden corners, on the tall trees and the wild rocks, until you reach above the clouds. Car, hiking or mountain sports? All the options will reward you with incredible images on Olympus. Always in front of you, however, the challege is imposing. You will manage to conquer the top of the gods.

Above 2,917 meters only birds fly. These and the endless blue of the sky you will see at the highest peak of Olympus, Mytikas. With just a few meters defference, Skolio, Stefani, Skala and Profitis Elias rise, forming a solid mountain mass, which you will have to be very lucky to see emerge through the clouds, bright and imposing. After all on of the interpretations of the word Olympus from the Homeric years is “glittering”.

Begin a six-hour climb to the top.

Early in the moring, you have already reached Prionia – at 1,100 meters. From here passes the path E4, throught Litochoro and the gorge of Enipeas. You will leave the car and start climb. If you se a goal, in 3 hours you will have reached the shelter of Spilios Agapitos. And in 6 hours at the top!

Enipeas Gorge, an adventure trip…

Start the climb from the gorge of the river Enipeas, above the village of Litochoro. After 4 hours of walking, the first stop is the famous monastery of Agios Dionysios, whose foundation dates back to the middle of the 15th century. With your eyes fixed on his dome, you gain strength and continue the climb.